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We are now a growing community and now our members are active on various platforms. Here we provide useful content from various sources. Myself Shreya is on folks paper and our other member are placed at the different platform you can follow our other members from the below links for your interested topic.

Our website is Shitus and we are now growing on different platforms. We are not high tech humans we are like you only so we want support from all of you. It's for both you as well as we. So share it other as well.

1. Medium: We are at medium right now and our members write the best post on Medium. So anyone who likes programming or want to be a programmer can follow through this link

2. Twitter: Our one member is at Twitter too so whoever is at Twitter can follow our member through below link

3. Telegram: We have two-channel on Telegram based on different niche. One of our channels provides free Udemy, Coursera courses along with best book recommendation.

A) The First Channel is Udemy Free Course Daily 

Get courses from different sites like Udemy, edX, Coursera, Udacity, etc totally free. We don't Post Ads: Just Learn and earn. We also update the latest news as well. For promotion or query contact at "[email protected]"

B) The Second Channel is Hacking Proof

Welcome to our All In One Group. Here we provide tech updates, Earn money tips, and tricks. Win Real Cash no scam full proof. That's all? No, still exists. Cashback offer, loot deals from top eCommerce site like Amazon, Flipkart and Jiomart, and many more. 

4. Instagram: Here we upload motivation in the form of images Follow us on Instagram through this link Instagram.

We are growing through various sources and it will benefit everyone who will join us. Share it with your friends too so they also get benefits out of it.