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Giant Sinkhole Swallows Cars in an Italy Hospital Parking Lot

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A giant 21,500-square-foot sinkhole outside the Hospital of the Sea in Naples, Italy has swallowed three vehicles. The giant sinkhole opened Friday in the parking lot, forcing the temporary closure of a nearby resident for recovering COVID-19 patients because utilities were severed. Six people were recovering at the residence for COVID-19 patients at the time. The sinkhole consumed the three cars in the hospital’s otherwise empty visitors’ parking lot. 


Operations at the Hospital of the Sea weren’t greatly affected, and firefighters said it didn’t appear that anyone was injured. The local hospital district said the 20-meter-deep (66 feet), 2,000 square-meter (21,527-square-foot) sinkhole opened at dawn. Chief firefighter Commander Ennio Aquilino told Italian television channel SkyTG 24 the collapse could have been caused by an infiltration of water underground as a result of recent heavy rainfall in the area.

The regional governor, Vincenzo De Luca, said the residence would reopen within days after electricity and water service were restored. Backup systems allowed care to continue since both were also interrupted at the hospital. De Luca said, “Frankly, we were also worried about the collapse of all utilities and that the activity of the hospital could be jeopardized. Thank God, this did not happen. We had a power break, but electricity was restored and now we don’t have any problem in providing care.”

Source: HuffPost