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Giving Money as a Gift is Not 'Impersonal'

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I hear it every single year. "What do you REALLY want for [holiday/ birthday/ event]?" But woe be to those who answer 'money' in any form, for they're met with the inescapable "but that's so IMPERSONAL."

A gift card for groceries or a payment toward a credit card might not be a lovingly handmade sweater, but it doesn't mean that it has no value to the recipient. Indeed, we often fret that the gifts we give won't be actually USED by the recipient, and what has more uses than cold, hard cash? With the way the cost of living increases and wages stay the same, your gift of green might mean the difference between foreclosure and getting out of the red.

There's more than one way to give money to a loved one, too. Gift cards are always a good option (I recommend a grocery or general goods store), but you can actually make payments toward utilities and even rent, if you ask the account holder. Sometimes, you can even make payments toward a credit card on anyone's behalf, without much trouble. And of course, there's always the classic check!

Remember, some people really don't need or want anything but financial stability. I promise that you know at least one person who would rather have their groceries paid for the week than get yet another candle, and you'll be their favorite gift of the year.

Photo: $1 USD in Christmas tree. Original. Melissa Selleys 2019.