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Global Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Market?

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The Global Blockchain Technology in the Healthcare Market report has been added to Research And Marketsm's offering.

Report Scope:

The global market for blockchain in healthcare has a significant scope and offers a comprehensive description, and evaluation of the global market, for blockchain in healthcare. It provides in-depth qualitative and quantitative insights into the report, which aligns with the goals and objectives of intended customers. 

The market has been segmented based on deployment mode, application, and end-user. Geographically, the global market for blockchain in healthcare has been divided into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific AC, and the Rest of the World RoW.

A country-specific breakdown of the market for blockchain in healthcare is also included in the report. The report covers the global blockchain in healthcare, irrespective of the included countries. Countries were included mainly based on the total revenue generated.

Major countries included in the report are the U.S., Canada, Germany, the U.K., Spain, Italy, France, China, Japan, South Korea, and India. Sales data for the global and regional markets were corroborated for the present and forecasted values based on statistical analysis.

Estimated values used are based on market players' total revenues, and forecasted revenue values are in constant U.S. dollars, unadjusted for inflation. 

Annual reports and forward-looking statements of market players, annual sales of market players, funding grants from government and private ventures, and average costs of software and services, are considered to estimate the market size. 

A large number of players in the market for blockchain in healthcare and potential startups are profiled in the report, for a better understanding of the market.

The Report ludes: Data tables and additional tables.

A brief general outlook of the global market for blockchain technology in the healthcare industry.

Description of blockchain technology applications in clinical trials, drug traceability, electronic health records EHR, precision medicine and others, including genomics research.

Assessment of the market dynamics, and key technological developments in blockchain technologies, as well as identification of market trends, opportunities and challenges, such as stringent rules and regulations, and security and privacy concerns affecting the market

Identification of companies that are considered leaders in their field. The technological means of these companies are using to exploit their markets and dominate the market in their fields.

Examination of the competitive landscape and profile description of key stakeholders. Major players include BurstIQ LLC, ., Intellectsoft LLC, Medtronic PLC, and Quest Diagnostics.

Key Topics Covered:

Chapter Introduction.

Study Goals and Objectives.

Reasons for Doing This Study.

Scope of Report.

Information Sources.


Geographic Breakdown.

Analyst's Credentials.

Custom Research.


Chapter Summary and Highlights.

Chapter Market and Technology Background.

Market Trends.

Rising Application of Blockchain in Healthcare Claims and Billing.

North America Dominates the Global Market for Blockchain in Healthcare.

Funding, Investment, and Pilot Projects Acting as a Catalysts of Growth.

Rising Application of Blockchain Technology in Untapped Medical Fields.

Market Overview.

Growing Adoption of Blockchain Technology.

Data Mishandling Issues in the BFSI Sector.

Transportation and Logistics.

Security and Legal Requirements.


Technical Applications.

Market Dynamics.




Chapter Market Breakdown by Deployment Sector.

Chapter Market Breakdown by End User.


Pharmaceutical Companies.

Insurance Providers.


Chapter Market Breakdown by Application

Clinical Trials.

Drug Traceability.

Patient Data Management.

Claims and Billing.

Others Genomic Research.

Chapter Market Breakdown by Region.

North America.

The United States.



The U.K.





Rest of Europe.





Rest of Asia-Pacific.

Rest of the World RoW.

Chapter Patent ReviewNew Developments.

Chapter Analysis of Market Opportunities.


Investments Funding for Blockchain in the Healthcare Industry.

Trends in Blockchain within the Healthcare Industry.

Blockchain for Enhanced Collaboration and Interoperability.

Decentralized Credentials Exchange.

Tracking Prescription Drugs.

Smart Contracts in Healthcare.

Competitive Landscape.

Key Companies.

Chapter Company Profiles.

Accenture Plc.

Alphacon Network Foundation Ltd.


Ant Financial Services Co., Ltd.

Augusta Hitech Soft Solutions.

Bitfury Holding B.V.



Burstiq Llc.



Coral Health


Dentacoin B.V.




Farmatrust A Blockchain Ai Solutions Ltd. Company.


Gem Health.


Hashed Health.

IBM Corp.

Intellectsoft Llc.

Iryo D.O.O.

Isolve Llc.

Medicalchain Sa.

Medtronic Plc.

Medvice Enterprises Bv.

Medx Protocol.

Microsoft Corp.

Nebula Genomics.


Oracle Corp.



Quest Diagnostics.

R Holdco Llc.

Shivom Ventures Ltd.

Simplyvital Health.

Solve. Care Foundation Ou.

Spiritus Partners.