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Goat Arrested In NC After Break-in At Local Resident's Home

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A goat has been arrested in North Carolina after police received a call reporting that it had attempted a break-in.

According to The Charlotte Observer, the incident occurred in the town of Greenville, about 80 miles east of Raleigh, police said Tuesday. The police were called in by a local resident, who informed them after a goat broke into their house and created chaos.

The Animal Protective Services unit of the Greenville Police Department said in a statement that offices arrived to find the goat hanging out around the windows of the house. In a Facebook post, the Animal Protective Services Unit of the Greenville Police Department identified the goat only as “Billy.”

“We received a report for a possible breaking and entering this morning,” police said. “When we arrived, Billy was hanging out around the windows of the house. We are happy to report that Billy has been arrested and is no longer a threat.”

The goat was taken to the city’s animal shelter but didn’t stay long. “Billy has been picked up by his owner to finish his sentence in house arrest,” police said.

The incident has been a source of humor on Facebook, with some commenters noting it was the second odd arrest the department has made in recent weeks.

On March 9, police issued a “pig alert” at East Carolina University after a hog was seen running around campus. Officers chased the pig down and later posted a photo of an officer walking it on a leash.

“What’s next? An overturned donut truck?” the department posted. “When you can’t beat the stereotypes, might as well embrace them!”