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Goliath returns for it's final season.

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The hit Amazon prime legal drama series,Goliath returns for it's fourth and final season this year.

From the past few years,the show has Maintained a good run and the same neo noir theme throughout the three seasons.

Season 3 kind off ended in a cliffhanger where we could see a bleeding Billy McBride(Billy Bob Thornton) after getting shot by Diana Burnwood(Amy Brenneman). The makers have confirmed that Billy is returning for his role and is to be put against a large pharmaceutical firm centering a timely global crisis. JK Simmons and Bruce Dern are the main villains this season with recurring roles from Tania Raymonde,Nina Arianda and Diane Hopper. William Hurt is also expected to be in this season as his character(Donald Cooperman) and Billy's finally needs settlement.

There are two possibilities , this season is gonna be the same as the past two which are not at all near season1 which was a super hit from all perspectives or this one's gonna be the best one. All depends on the story. There are few mysteries to solve if you watched season 3 you will know. The matter with Billy's duplicate which was seen in e5 of s3, Diana's fate, did Billy actually die, last but not the least the crow??!!! Lol idk what was it's purpose.

Anyways hoping for the best.

Release date?

Apparently no teasers as of now or no confirmed dates.

However we can expect the trailer by July or August. And probably the release date is gonna be the same as every year sometime around October.

Thank you, hope you enjoyed, leave a thumbs up if you like