Good way to celebrate Halloween

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With Halloween approaching, I wanted to touch upon a subject that is often overlooked, yet very important to be cognizant about. If you see older kids coming to your house or walking around trick or treating, leave the comments about their age out of the experience. More often than not the kids already know that they are a bit old to be still celebrating the holiday this way. For many kids, they have to take their younger siblings out due to parents working or not being around that night. This could be the last piece of their childhood experience they can’t let go of. For many, this is the one time of the year where they can be anyone they want to be, they can escape who they are and feel comfortable in their costumes instead. Also, I’m sure I can speak for a lot of parents and older siblings who would rather see their loved ones dressing up and collecting candy for a good time instead of dressing up in a revealing costume and sneaking off to a party. Bottom line is, let's make this a fun, safe Halloween experience for everyone celebrating it.

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