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Grandmother Claims Legendary ‘Bigfoot’ Lives In Britain?

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The woman behind the British bigfoot research has declared that the animal, whose existence has been dismissed by the preponderance of scientists, lives in the United Kingdom. Deborah Hatswell, a grandmother of two, said that her encounter with the ape-like creature, which resembles man, scarred her for life. And she even passed a detection test. 

Speaking to British Tabloid Daily Star, Hatswell said that she unquestionably noticed something, which changed her course of life, and she still has not recuperated from the trauma. The Worsley, Greater Manchester native, claimed that the creature resembled a hybrid of an ape and a man.

Hatswell said that the creature was not the issue, but the impact of such creature on that person, and the constant anxiety of viewing something that does not exist. She saw the beast during her adolescence and sought people who could explain the event, or at least present a rational justification for it.

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Bigfoot has been a North American phenomenon, whose reality, is sometimes based on a combination of folklore, misidentification, and hoax, rather than an actual living animal. Hatswell confesses that though she never saw the creature again in her life, she insisted that numerous people saw it in the same park as her, and has traced back witness reports. It is one thing when you are only dealing with one person claiming to see such a creature, but this was not the case in this sighting and the unsolved mystery of Sasquatch.

In October, a former supper club, along a four-lane highway in Georgia, was turned into the Sasquatch Museum, focusing on the legendary Bigfoot. It provides a wonderful experience for people who want to know more about the creature. The museum is adjacent to the Tennessee state line and has an intricate display of Bigfoot attacking the remote lodge. 

Color-coded maps, report many alleged sightings, and a display portraying a 9-foot-tall monster. A celebrated video of a conjectured Sasquatch sighting, plays on repeat, alongside nerve-racking memories, from the individuals who guarantee to have encountered a Bigfoot.

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