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Greata Thunberg May Be a Time Traveler

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The internet is constantly awash in conspiracy theories left and right. It seems like every day there's another outrageous thought that someone runs away with until it blows up into something out of control and bigger than itself. This newest conspiracy to hit the world wide web is about young activist Greta Thunberg.

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish climate change activist who is making huge waves in the world at only 16 years old. She delivered an empowering speech at the World Climate Change Conference in 2018 and since then has gained much more notoriety with all her other appearances, projects, and future plans. But now she may also be a time traveler?

A photo from the University of Washington was dug up from their special-collections archives and, much to the surprise of the discoverers, depicted a young girl who looks just like Greta staring into the camera. The photo was taken in 1898 in the Yukon Territory in Canada during the Klondike Goldrush. 

Now because of the photo, the internet is going crazy with conspiracy theories that the Swedish activist is a time traveler who was sent to the future to save the world from climate change, much like the long running conspiracy theories of the Simpsons predicting the future or John Titor being a time traveler as well.

It's funny how the internet just runs away with things and sensationalizes the small stuff. It certainly keeps things interesting, but if everyone used their energy to sensationalize the important things, perhaps Greta wouldn't have to be fighting so hard right now to help save our planet time traveler or not.

For more details check out the article from The Insider.
Greta Thunberg's Twitter

Photography owned by Eric A. Hegg/University of Washington