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Grocery Store Chain ALDI Enters Esports World to Sign Deal With Team Vitality

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Many companies are trying to tap into the growing esports market to find a new advertising venue and it looks like ALDI wants to join the fray. ALDI France has signed a three year deal with Team Vitality to appear on the jersey sleeves of their Fortnite, FIFA, and LFL League of Legends teams.

“At ALDI France we really want to work towards a common goal. To assist these players in their healthy lifestyle, through programmes and actions designed to support them in competition," Aurélie Taude, Marketing and Communications Director at ALDI France said. "This is an opportunity for all of us to make a long-term commitment and to promote the link between nutrition and the practice of esports.”

This isn't the first time the grocery store chain has tried to advertise with gamers. In 2019 ALDI ran the Teatime Takedown campaign where they teamed up with Veloce Esports to provide a service for parents to have their kids beaten in their favorite online games to "restore family dinnertime."

The campaign was such a massive disaster it eventually shut down but not before Barrage Esports offered to send their own professional players in to help kids if parents signed them up for the program. Barrage Esports owner Jeff Simpkins said, "Gaming is for us something that brings people together, it’s growing year on year and it’s something that parents need to get on board with and support if that’s what their kids enjoy."

This news comes shortly after one of their largest competitors, Lidl, signed a similar deal with SK Gaming at the beginning of 2021. It will be interesting to see how these two retail giants compete and if any other major grocery chains will also make their way into the world of esports.