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Since the inception of cryptocurrency, there have been far too many horror stories of customers, who lost everything due to hackers. But, what if this were only partially true? What if it was the individual companies themselves, who intentionally stole their own customer's digital currency? I am willing to bet I am partially correct. I'm certainly not doubting the cleverness of a hacker's talent. They certainly do exist. There will always be another, and yet another and another. But what if some percentage of these happenings were copycats?

For example: In this scenario, we find out over a dozen companies were hacked into from a possible serial hacker. The news from the media permits others to know there is a hacker or more than one hacker out there doing the devil's work. But, then more than one business gets greedy and fancies stealing their employees and own customer's digital currency. Furthermore, they blame all of it on a serial hacker. Possible?