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'Hair Love' is the Type of Representation We Need More Of

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A few days ago, Sony Pictures premiered a short film on their YouTube channel called 'Hair Love.' This animated short is a big deal for two reasons: it takes us back to classic, but still gorgeous, 2D animation; and it represents a black family in an authentically beautiful way.

The short tells the story of a father trying to figure out how to do his young daughter's hair for the first time after she fails to tame it herself via a YouTube video tutorial. In just six and a half minutes the story runs the gambit of emotions and tells the tale of a strong family bond despite going through hard times.

The story was eloquently crafted and wonderfully executed and didn't rely on gimmicks or stereotypes of a black family we often see in films and TV shows. 

Content like this gives me hope that we are continuing to move in the right direction with diversity and representation in all mediums of storytelling and media. 

Check out the short here!

Owned by Sony Pictures and sourced from their YouTube Channel