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Determine hair's ability to hold and retain moisture. Also, how easily absorbs water or product into hair. Porosity is dependent on cuticles which is outer layer of hair.

These are three types - 

A) High Porosity-

1. Hair absorbs product so fast

2. Hair dries so fast

3.Hair needs more products to lock moisture

4.Hair is unable to retain moisture for longer period

B) Medium Porosity-

1.Hair looks more healthy and shiny

2. Hair doesnot take longer time to air dry

3. Producct can easily penetrate into hair

4. Hair retains moisture for longer time and is more manageable

C) Low Porosity-

1. Hair does not absorb product easily

2. Hair takes much longer time to air dry

3. Products tend to coat the outer layer of hair

4. Hair is more prone to product build up easily

5. Hair feels more dry