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Hair types & Sub types

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      The hair type is determined by the shape of hair follicle. There are several types of hair and identifying your hair type helps you to cut, style and take care of your hair more effectively. Understanding of hair type includes density, texture, porosity,elasticity and curl pattern of your hair. Sometimes people have combination of hair types. Hair type is dependent on DNA, genetics and hair can be affected by using chemicals or heat tools. 

1.Type 1- Straight hair 

It doesn't have any curls or wave from root to end of the hair strand. Natural oil reach to end of the hair strand type which makes oily and greasy. Also hair texture is soft and silky. 

A) 1A- Fine hair 

B) 1B- Medium hair

C) 1C- Straight hair 

2. Type 2- Wavy hair 

Wavy hair type falls in between straight and curly hair type. There are three types of wavy hair as 2A, 2B and 2C. It has little curl on the end of hair strand which makes them wavy shape on hair. 

A) 2A- Thin wavy 

B) 2B - Medium wavy 

C) 2C- Thick wavy 

3. Type 3- Curly hair 

The oval shaped follicle grows out of the scalp is curly type. The more shape means you have more curlier hair. Hair shape looks like "S". There are three types of curly hair according to shape of curls. Natural scalp oil doesn't reach to all the way of hair strand which tends to lack of moisture in hair. 

A) 3A- Loose curls 

B) 3B- Medium curls 

C) 3C- Tight curls 

4. Type 4- Kinky hair 

This type of hair type is more soft and fragile but looks more rough and frizzy. It has more tight curls as compared to other hair type. Kinky hair look like "Z"shape. These hair type looks same, when the hair is wet and dry. 

A) 4A- Soft kinky 

B) 4B- Wiry Kinky 

C) 4C- Extremely Wiry Kinky