Hamilton with a side of the goat

Boston, MA Boston

I was in the same building as the GOAT?!?!

Unknowingly, Tom Brady and Gisele both attended Hamilton in Boston last night. Guess what I did last night? Saw Hamilton in Boston. What a coincidence. If only I had been in a seat closer to him, I would have probably paid zero attention to the actual play.

I love how Brady and Gisele attended the show just as if they were regular Bostonians. There was a special buzz around that theater with him in it which is no surprise.

Boston is such a great city filled with legends. Tom Brady seems like such a cool guy and he made that clear by attending a play on his bye week.

While I did find Hamilton to be a bit overhyped, I’m glad to hear that my boy Tommy is a big fan. He said he would love to be in the show for even just a week, and I can certainly say that would make it even better for me.

Let’s go pats! All hail Brady.

Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen Spotted At ‘Hamilton’ In Boston; QB Says He’d Love To Be In Show

Multiple photos of Brady and Bundchen sitting in the audience surfaced on social media overnight.


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