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Happiest... Or Most Expensive Place on Earth?

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You’d think with how much money the Disney conglomerate already has they wouldn’t be such money grubbers. The whole mission statement behind Disney is to bring joy and magic to children and their families, right?

Well, they’re making that mission a whole lot more difficult on themselves by racking up their prices drastically year to year. Single-day tickets for both parks in California are up to $209 a ticket, with single-day tickets at the original Florida counterpart ranging from $109 to $159 a day… for the one park. The Florida park annual pass is now up to $1,295, which even if you are attending the part regularly still feels like a steep price.

The nature of money and fluctuating costs for products and services is an interesting one. We get berated constantly about buying consumer products, bashed as “destroying the economy” if we don’t, but can’t possible afford all the ridiculously overpriced things in our world, even with a decent paying job.

We just live in this constant catch-22 of wanting to enjoy life and experiences and the world around us but keep being barred from doing so by entry fees, taxes, ticket-price hikes, and more. Ah to enjoy life’s pleasure without being charged a hundred dollars just for breathing.

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Image from Pan Xiaozhen on Unsplash.