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Happy friendship Day ❤️❤️❤️

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Hey guys happy frndship day to all of u those who r seeing my post don't remember u mean a lot to me Ur support is everything n Ur very beautiful with a pure soul and Ur my frnd ❤️😇

So I created this art and I gifted this to my bff and she loved it so if u wanna create such same thing I'll share u the tricks

Step 1

So all u need to do is remember Ur frnds face and then think about what she would look like if she was a animated version of herself

Step 2

Then u can make a rough sketch of the face and remember make bigger face and small body because it give a cure look idk how but it gives 🤣🤣

Step 3

Then give her a colour and give her a colourful dress it should colourful and cute and then what u can do is give some hand gestures to that cartoon to make it look more cuter for eg

So then wha u can do is make these character n using PicsArt merge them n give them some cool filters n vollla u will get a perfect bomb image which may really make Ur frnd feel special ❤️❤️❤️

Once happy frndship day to all my frnds in folkspaper