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Happy Tail Syndrome: When a Wagging Tail Hurts

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Need a little practical cleaning knowledge? Hydrogen peroxide dissolves blood stains from your walls, clothes, and furniture. Knowing this came in handy when my dog's happy, wagging tail started to splatter tiny drops of blood all over my yard, living room, and me. Don't worry! She's totally fine now, and I got to learn about a fairly common condition known as 'happy tail syndrome.'

What is it, and how is it caused? All the condition really entails is an injury to a dog's tail, usually very minor, from wagging it too hard, or against something that breaks the skin. Once the cut is formed on the tail, it's difficult to clot if, like my pup, yours refuses to stop wagging and flinging blood all over your clean floor. This means a big mess, but usually minimal discomfort for the animal. It's very treatable, though, and with the right care, you don't even need a vet!

First, clean the wound. My girl's wound was right on the end of her tail, so it was easy to dip it in peroxide. You may need to enlist the help of a friend to hold the dog down, because they won't like the next part. There are a lot of ways to cover the wound, but you can't go wrong with some medical tape and gauze. Even if the cut is just right on the end, go ahead and wrap about half the tail. Your canine companion will have more difficulty tearing off the wrap that way. You may want to consider a cone if this is a problem. Try to keep it wrapped until the cut heals fully, or a strong wag will reopen it! In the meantime, keep Fido as calm as you can!

Oh, and get a big bottle of hydrogen peroxide. You're going to need it for the cleanup!