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Hardwork result sucess

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Today I am going to tell a story through which may you all understand 'how hardwork results sucess'. Without wasting our time let go through our story..


Once upon a time,there lived a old man he was a poor but hardworking farmer. He used to work very hard and grow crops. He used to sell those crops to feed his family. He had three sons,who were very lazy. They never use to help their father.


One day the old farmer got sick. He was not able to work on the field. He felt so ill that he thought that he was going to die, thinking that, he called his sons and told them about the treasure   hidden in the field and dies. They decided to dig the ground. They started to dig the ground but they did not got any thing. So, they started to grow crops in that field and they grow more and more crops. They realize that the crops that they grow by working hard was the real treasure.


By reading this story may you all understand that 'If someone works hard then it results sucess'.


      Thank you!