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HarperCollins Slaps Lindsay Lohan With A $365K Lawsuit. Here Is Why

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Former Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan is having some troubled days as Harpercollins files a lawsuit against her on Thursday

Harpercollins, a large-scale and renowned publishing company filed a lawsuit on Thursday which stated that the defendant ( Lohan and her company ) did not comply with the agreement’s rules to deliver the planned work by the deadline and still haven’t reached out about the subject.

The $1 million agreement was signed back in 2014 on the basis that Lohan will finish a book by 2015 that she will base on a series of diary notes she wrote during her time in rehab. Lohan, her company Crossheart and Harpercollins eventually decided to extend the date to 15th March 2017, yet the publishing label never received the work from Lohan. It is also reported that Crosshearts was given an advanced sum of $365,000 for the to-be-published book.

After the contract had ended, Harpercollins contacted Lohan’s representatives for the due payment of the advance as they had not heard from her after she failed to show up with her work. Now the Multinational company expects the payment of the advance back along with the interest as well as the legal fees.

Lohan’s absence and inattentiveness were foreshadowed by some other publishers who, according to Page Six told that ‘There was initial interest, but everybody backed off. There was concern she wouldn’t deliver.’ Lohan’s representatives were contacted by USA Today to provide their cents on this matter but they couldn’t receive an answer.