Have school supplies laying around?

Cambridge, MA Cambridgeside Place

I have so much junk I don't use, but I didn't realize how much of it was school supplies! As a recent college grad, there's honestly not a lot of things I used in school that I still need outside of school. I googled what to do with old school supplies and the Pack-a-Backpack School Supply Drive at CambridgeSide came up! I'm going to bring all of my stuff over in a little bit.

It can be annoying going through old stuff, because you never really know what you're going to want in the future. But it was actually very therapeutic to go through all of these things! This drive lets you help people that need supplies and also gets your old junk off your hands for free! It's a win-win.

 ( source: https://www.thebostoncalendar.com/events/pack-a-backpack-school-supply-drive-at-cambridgeside )



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