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Heartbreaking Deleted Scene from 'Avengers: End Game' Revealed

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*Spoilers ahead if you are one of the rare people who has yet to see this film*

As if 'Avengers: End Game' wasn't sad enough the first time around, with the release of Disney+ we are getting behind the scenes and director commentary exclusive content on all the biggest Marvel movies. However, nothing is more important than all the little bits of information that we can lap up about 'End Game.'

Marvel's 'Avengers: End Game' was a huge feat in the world of movies and connected cinematic universes, as it wrapped up ten years of connected plot-lines across 23 films. Now that we're far enough removed from it's initial release, the director and producers are releasing more information about what just didn't make the cut. 

The deleted scene that has everyone stirred up with emotions is one pertaining to the late, great Tony Stark. If you saw 'End Game,' and therefore are here to read this, you know in the end of the film Tony sacrifices himself for the greater cause of, you know, just the entire world. He makes a gauntlet from his Iron Man suit, steals the Infinity Stones, and snaps the snap to end it all... including his own life.

In this deleted scene, we see Tony transported to the 'metaphysical way station' that we once saw Thanos in when he had to face the image of a young Gamora asking if it was all worth it. In similar fashion, Tony comes face to face with his own daughter, Morgan, who we only see as a young child in the film. In the deleted scene his daughter appears to him older, played by Katherine Langford of '13 Reasons Why Fame.' She's there to tell Tony that she will be just fine and that she treasures the time he was able to give her even if he couldn't be there for her longer.

Rip our hearts out why don't you! You're probably wondering why it was deleted if it was such an emotionally driven scene? Well according to the Russo brothers, it wasn't. There had just been too many scenes with the same emotional cut to them that this scene felt superfluous, and due to the fact that we don't know Morgan as a character outside of being a little girl, the emotional connection just didn't translate.

It's probably for the best because Tony's death and the way it is handled in the film just felt right and this one scene could have potentially ruined a great ending for a great character. 

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