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Her Hero's Name

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Anastasia Skinner truly believed that she was going to die when she got caught in the wildfire that tore through Paradise California. She was surrounded by flames, caught in a panicked traffic jam, and she was going into labor a month early. She called her husband, and she said goodbye.

Luckily, a motorcyclist found her in distress and helped her get into the backseat of her car and called for police and a helicopter to fly her to a hospital. When Mickey Huber, the assistant chief of operations for Butte County Emergency Services, got to the scene through 30 minutes of gridlock, he knew she didn't have long until she was in full-blown labor. He arranged an ambulance and an escore of three officers to get her to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible, which smoke thick as a blanket over the scene and fire encroaching from behind them.

He rode with her to the hospital, kept her calm, and staved off the premature labor until she could be evaluated by doctors.

A month later, Anastasia gave birth to a daughter whose middle name honors the man who saved her life.

Woman names baby after medic who saved her during wildfire

"He was sweet. He told me, 'I'm a guy. I don't know what this feels like for you, but I'll try to help you get you through it,' " Anastasia Skinner said.

 ( source: Axios )


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