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High School Teacher Reveals She Never Assigns Homework; Internet Erupts In Debate

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Courtney White, a high school English teacher in Alvarado, Texas, never assigns homework to her students. She, in fact, wants her students to enjoy all delights of childhood. In contrast, White is always ready to assign some extra hours to those tasks that can make her students happy, responsible, and skilled.  

According to her, the students are facing countless challenges in life. It includes taking care of siblings, after-school jobs, hunting for their next meal, outdoor games, or some musical practice. When the thoughtful mentor posted her views on TikTok, it sparked a controversial debate. White presented her views in the TikTok video.  

"There's no proof that homework is going to make them better students in my class," she wrote. The Texas teacher said that homework is not that valuable as it is thought. She said, "If you talk to kids, they'll tell you, 'Oh, I Googled it' or 'Oh, I got the answers from a friend' or 'I didn't have time because I was doing 800 other things I should be doing instead of being a kid,'"  

The teacher believed in classroom education. During her four years of teaching, she completely concentrates on her student’s learning. In fact, she is all-alert to continuously assess her students. She also evaluates how effective is her teaching methodology and how much the students are picking the concepts.

Although White doesn't assign homework, she sends some optional work back home for those who need extra practice. Moreover, the teacher renders extra tutoring as a review of the topic.

It’s the first time that White uploaded her TikTok video. The teacher is really shocked to receive multiple negative responses. She then posted a video to respond to all the disapprovals. Her video gained more than 4.5 million views. 

"I was shocked that people were giving negative reactions to it because in my mind everyone would be like, 'Yeah! No homework,'" she said in her befitting reply.

Source: Insider