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Hilarious Hyundai Commercial Brings Hope Back for Super Bowl Ads

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It’s not really a bold statement to say that Super Bowl commercials go through waves of being stellar, bad, and then great again. And we’ve certainly been in a dry spell recently. Super bowl commercials are one of the few instances that a mass amount of the U.S. population wants to see commercials and actively looks forward to them. Normally, unless you’re watching something on paid streaming services, we all grumble when we have to watch an ad on a YouTube video, on a show on a free online media player, or (if you’re one of the rare people that still watches it) on cable TV.

The Super Bowl is also a time where advertising companies can take a big hit, because if they worked hard and dished out all that money to get a commercial slot during the Super Bowl (consistently one of the most live-watched television programs year to year ), than the commercial better land or forever be ridiculed by a wide population of people.

It seems like this year is already shaping up to be better than recent years past. One commercial proving to turn that tide is the Hyundai car commercial featuring the new 2020 model of their popular Sonata. The commercial features John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch, and Chris Evans going full Boston as they discuss Krasinski’s new car with the “smaht pahking” feature.

The joke hits the nail on the head with what Boston people are like, it’s a funny and clever way to show off the new innovative feature of the car, it features three prominent celebrity Massachusetts/Boston natives, and Big Papi makes an appearance. Now that’s a recipe for success and care sales!

Watch the commercial here!

Image owned by Hyundai.