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Hindu Temple Lord Declared “Dead” By Fraudsters In India To Seize Land Illegally

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In a series of carefully planned steps, some Indian swindler locals have acquired the land of a temple by declaring that their Hindu Lord has passed away.

A bizarre case of several attempts being carried out to acquire the land of a 100-year-old temple located in the Kushmaura Haluvapur village came to an administrative officer of Lucknow recently.

According to sources, the land of the temple was owned by a trust named after Lord Krishna-Ram. The land is spread over 7000 square meters which prompted many locals to acquire the rights over the land.

In one such attempt dating back to 1987, a local name Gaya Prasad obtained rights over the land by forging documents in which he was named Lord Krishna-Rama’s father. It was shockingly declared that the temple lord has “died” or passed away which is why Gaya Prasad was easily given the trust and Prasad declared it as his property.

The attempts to inherit the temple after the bizarre “Demise” of the Hindu God did not end there. As Gaya prasad like any other mortal, passed away, the trust was transferred to his two brothers Ramnath and Haridwar. Even after them, many individuals tried to claim the land by taking advantage of the scenario of their God’s death.

The case of consistent forging and fake rights was first highlighted in 2016 to Naib-Tehsildar’s office when the original trustee Sushil Kumar Tripathi of the temple filed a complaint against the fraudsters. The case proceeded to the DCM’s office, but efforts went in vain after no decision was taken

However recently, the case went to the notice of SDM Sadar Prafulla Kumar Tripathi, who is now investigating the matter about who exactly is to blame for faking his identity as the original trustee.