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Hmm blender ?

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    Better not buy new blender cause I'm currently saving cash taken n sent by parents to buy n wait for new release of ipad especially big screen like 10 or 12 inch. Need it to play but if i didn't buy i usually study around clock very none stop cause i blame it on young age cause when young about less than a hundred years old, books n dictionaries became important study material to step high level to pursue smart living n conscience of understanding different languages.


    U gotta read this i forgot to tel u im important so u should care, show respect by reading my news or posts.


    Flew by your house that afternoon multiple times wishing u'L let me in if u glance my cool walking style. Of course i'L enter say hi or everything treat u friendly, wanna get old feeling of us meeting again as high school scholers. Always hardworking but got bullied for being nerds that's us. Sure u won't forget unless u pass away.


     I try saying correct phrases or sound decent plus i know how to make people like me or admire my written notes by using fun titles or interesting call out. Say they will come to read but my posts aL weeds cause nowadays n these years i published so much though no one want read or peek. Knew i am doomed to losst career of writer journey.


    AL because tis app isn't famous so less global nations sign up or stay long to see news of various people posting. Me i just keep posting cause I'm sad bxtch who wanna try again even after fails or downs. 

     Wanna add u as friends but my facebook already full therefore we can try telegram? Go join 'ithinkiknow' where we'L see each other as pets coming back for owner (admin) of house (group) while we so cute