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Hollywood is Appalled at the Disrespect for the Dead

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In a surprising and confusing announcement this week, Magic City Films revealed that they would be casting famous actor James Dean in their newest film 'Finding Jack'. Yes, you heard me THE James Dean. The same James Dean who died tragically in a car accident in 1955 when he was 24, cutting his life and burgeoning career short. The movie intends to entirely CGI the Golden Age actor into the film and see him in the starring roll, and all, apparently, with the support of his family. 

The story is set to be a harrowing but uplifting tale of a young soldier in Vietnam during the war. After convincing himself that the war is where he is meant to die, the young Fletcher Carson comes upon an injured dog that re-sparks his desire to live every moment of his life to the best of his ability. The rest is a classic tale of a man and his dog and the power of the bond that binds them.

Now, let's get to the backlash here. Big names in Hollywood with the likes of Chris Evans, Dylan Sprouse, and Elijah Wood are speaking up against the film with reverence. The men all feel as though this is a dishonor to the man's memory and a shun to talented actor's who could be given the role instead of relying on technology.

I certainly think there is something to be said about preserving an actor or actresses body of work as it was after they are gone. To add something to an actor's accolades postmortem that they had no say and no control over is a little questionable. It's one thing to honor a person and another to siphon money off of their likeness. It just doesn't seem likely that this is simply a passion project for artistry, creativity, and respect for the long gone actor. We have finally reached a point in technology where things like this and much more are possible, and it's only a matter of time before people manipulate it in other ways to suit their monetary needs.

As egotistical as actors in Hollywood can be, in turn so can the big Hollywood production companies, and in this case I have to side with the actors. I think James Dean should be left to rest peacefully in his grave.

To see the tweets posted from those in protest, check out the Buzzfeed article below.

Photo owned by Warner Bros.