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Hollywood Sign Vandalized Again, 3 Arrested For Hanging Up Poster Of A Cow On The Iconic Landmark

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LA’s iconic hillside Hollywood sign has been vandalized again, this time with a banner of a cow’s head draped over the letter ‘O’ in the world-famous sign.

Three men in their 20s were arrested on Friday after they vandalized the landmark, placing an image of a cow over one of the sign’s letters. This is the second instance of vandalization in the year, with the first occurring in February when pranksters changed the ‘Hollywood’ sign to ‘Hollyboob’.

Capt. Steve Lurie, commander of the LAPD’s Hollywood Division, said police were called just before 11:30 a.m. Friday after the men were spotted in the area around the sign, which is surrounded by Griffith Park but inaccessible to the public and privately maintained by the Hollywood Sign Trust.

According to TMZ, the new defacement is likely not a prank. But a publicity stunt organized by a local band Junior Varsity. The band recently put out its first single, “Cold Blood,” which has a cow on the cover, while their social media has been telling people to “Look for the signs,” TMZ noted. Junior Varsity hasn’t yet taken the responsibility for the vandalization, and it’s unclear if they will be prosecuted in connection to the crime.

“It’s really unfortunate that people want to try to make a statement on the sign,” Hollywood Sign Trust Chairman Mark Panatier told the LA Times, calling the response by police and park rangers “spectacular.”

The police have refrained from revealing the names of those arrested owing to privacy concerns. But TMZ reports that the police will book them for misdemeanor trespassing.

Lurie said the cow sign was removed, and that there was no damage to the letters, which are 50 feet tall and visible from many points around Los Angeles.