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Horror Story 2: Love you, mom.

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After the success of Horror story 1, here is a new story. All thanks to your support.


It was raining heavily. Maria arrived in Mumbai, it was her new job and the company allotted her a flat in Borivali. She went there the building was of 5 stories and Maria's flat was at the top. She was scared as she was all alone to live there and never been so far from home. Everything was so old school that even furniture was of the 90s. There was an old man at the reception who handed over the keys to Maria. The building didn't have the elevators so that Maria has to climb stairs up. Lights on the stairs were not working properly as they were blinking at every moment. Somehow Maria managed to make it to the top.

Maria was wet in the rain and was desperately in need of a bath as the journey was long and full of tiredness. Her bathroom was simple and elegant. She starts taking off her clothes one by one in front of the mirror. Her body was so magnificent that she was admiring herself while looking in the mirror, her curves and posture was so perfect that she used to fantasize about herself. Her body was so seductive that the mirror itself doesn't want to get rid of her. As when she left the mirror and moved to the tub, her image was still in the mirror and it was smiling. Maria stepped in the bathtub with no curtains on as she was thinking there is no one around. She sat down started rubbing herself, Maria was rubbing her breast with her both hands and after a while, she switched to her waist but surprisingly two hands came from behind and started rubbing her breast again. She screamed as loud as she can, ran outside the bathroom, but unfortunately slipped and ramed herself in the mirror of the bedroom and broked it into pieces, Maria fainted at the time.

It was around 2 o'clock at night she woke up, bathroom tragedy was hard to forget that another surprise hit her hard. "The mirror, I.....I ramed in the mirror and it got broken, there is not even a scratch on it now", Maria said to herself. She quickly grabbed her cell phone and called her mother, " Help me, mom something is wrong here, I am so scared" she burst in tears. "What happens, my love, What's wrong", Maria's mother asked her. She was nearly to tell her mother about the bathroom and mirror that she noticed something, her hair they were on the floor somebody had cut them when she got fainted.

She screamed as loud as she can, "Maria are you okay" her mother concerned. "My...My hair...Mom somebody...", she was frightened as hell. "Check them again in the mirror", her mother told her. When she looked in the mirror, her hair was fine, she checked the floor and there was nothing. "See I told you everything is fine", Maria's mother concerned her.

Somehow the night passed, now the heavy task was to not look an idiot because no one will ever believe her. She went to the office and acted as nothing happened. 

Maria had returned from the office and was standing at the door of her flat. She knew that something is wrong but she doesn't want to quit because of her mental illness, she thought everything that happened last night was just because she was tired. She was on the bed it was midnight that she heard someone on the door, "Who is there ?" she asked.

SCRREEEEEE...!! Someone scratched the door. Maria called her mother, " Mom someone is on my door and he is scratching the door with some claws, I don't want to die". 

"No one will ever harm you, my love. Just close your eyes and try to sleep", Maria's mother replied.

"But mom...", "Nothing will ever bother you now onwards", Maria's mother told her.

"Love you mom", she replied.

Weeks and weeks passed nothing happened. There was nothing which again bothered Maria. She was living a normal life. It was Saturday evening Maria's father called her.

"Hey dear, how are you?"-

"I am fine, father. I miss you so much", "So do I" Maria's father replied.

"So how is your job going on?", Her father asked.

"It's fun, by the way how mom is, it's has been a month I talked to her, Is she fine?", Maria asked her father.

"WHAT...Are you sick Maria, your mother died 12 years ago."