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Horror story

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Met a friend!!!!!!!

It was a Friday night, Sam was returning from his friend's party in his car. At Crystal colony Sam's car get stopped just before an old house. It was around 2 o'clock AM, Sam went to the that house in search of some help.

He knocked the door, there was no response for next couple of minutes. Sam was wet and frightening he bashed the door for one more time. "who is there? ", a young lady asked. Sam replied "can you help me, my car isn't working I only want to use your phone".

It was a big wooden door, opens up slowly making criking sound. Nicely dressed yound lady in white gown was standing on the other side.

Sam got stunned by seeing her beauty. "what's yyyyyouurr nnn-aame", Sam asked stammering. "Natasha", she replied.

Natasha was a slim lady with perfect body posture. She was kind of shy when she saw Sam. Natasha offered Sam to come in.

She took Sam to the drawing room. Where she offered Sam wine in hospitality.

Two glasses, wine and raining is all needed to start a good conversation with a new friend. Sam was tension free because his car was visible from the window.They both talking to each other for a while when Sam realized that he should make a call and get back to home as soon as possible. Natasha fetched the landline to him which didn't work unfortunately. Sam wasn't disappointed as he met a new friend. He decided to walk to his house and told Natasha that he will come back next day to take his car. Gesture of love got exchanged between the two and Sam moved towards his house

Next day, Sam was standing outside the Natasha's house beside his car. He reached the door and knocked several times, but this time it took a long to Natasha to open door. A man walking on street shouted to Sam that nobody lives there from decades. Sam told that man that last night he was there with a girl inside the house. That man laughed, "you still in your handover buddy" he says to Sam and walked away.

Sam thought that may be that all what happened was just a dream or something, he was so drunk last night. While walking towards his car, he looked in the window where the two glasses and a bottle of wine was still there on the table.