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Hot Take on Facebook Memories Feature

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No one quite remembers when the Facebook 'memories' feature was added to the platform, but suddenly one day it was there to remind as all of the cringe-worthy things we used to say and post to our profiles. 

A lot of people seem to enjoy it. It was a smart move on Facebook's part. Give the people a way to track their online history by digging it up for them and presenting it as a way to share one's past with the world again, but here's the hot take: I think this feature is completely unnecessary and mainly serves to remind us and perpetuate idea that the internet is forever.

I don't want to remember most of the things I said on my status from middle school. I don't want to be reminded of the friends I've lost along the way or past heartaches. No, I would never want to forget my past, and of course it has made me who I am today, but that doesn't mean on a daily basis I want to be shown who I used to be because that can be mildly debilitating, especially for people still figuring out who they want to be. 

The memories I want to actively remember are stored away in my mind for easy access and everything else is locked behind a door because I don't need it. So, Facebook you don't need to keep track of my life for me, but then again it's my own fault for putting it there in the first place. 

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