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Hot Take: The Scariest Thing About the Internet

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There are a lot of scary things about the internet: predators, scammers, hackers, and more. But the scariest thing about the internet, I believe, is just an umbrella concept that all of these other deeply concerning things fall under. The ability to easily fake something on the internet, often to a point where you can’t actually tell it’s faked, and getting people to believe it is so unsettling. 

These days anyone can learn how to create a website, make high-quality text images, or fake an email with a business it’s coming from, just for the sake of getting a person or the masses to believe the lies they’re putting out in to the world. Some people do it for fame, some people do it for the joke, and some people do it fully with the intent to harm or swindle others.

This is mainly just a shout into the void about being careful online and not trusting everything you read. It’s impossible to prevent people from creating false content or identities, just as it’s impossible to protect yourself online from all of it, but be careful to the best of your ability. There’s a big wide world offline that we don’t need to lose you in the dark depths of the internet.

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