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Hot Takes: Beauty Trends

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Beauty trends are stupid.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely given in to trends myself. Whether consciously or unconsciously, I’ve purchased an item of clothing or painted my nails in a new way because of a hot new trend. However, I at least follow these trends because I think they’re fun and I genuinely like them, but I feel like some people go out and hop on the band wagon because they think it will get them attention and clout for following the crowd.

In scrolling through Facebook, I came across the “hottest” new trend: holographic hair. Really? It wasn’t ugly per say, but I just see the need to constantly outdo previous hair trends in particular. It’s like people get bored with the thousands of hair variations that already exist that they need to make up new ways to dye their hair.

I’m all about self-expression, but the whole beauty trend thing comes down to a need to be different until the different is so mainstream that we all have to find other ways to be different. Wearing expensive clothes doesn’t make you hotter than the girl wearing $10 jeans. Having your hair two-toned doesn’t make you cooler than the dude who keeps it his natural brown.

Following the trends or not has absolutely no bearing on your character as a person. Use trends for self-expression but don’t let them define you.

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