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Hot Takes: Set Your Own Expectations

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I really hate it when people try to pressure me into doing something. Even on a small scale. Obviously, large scale peer pressure is not okay in any situation, but I even dislike it when someone pesters me to watch or do something they think I might enjoy.

When Game of Thrones was at the peak of its popularity, I had countless friends bothering me to watch it by saying things like “It’s right up your alley” or “Wow, you’re going to love this.” And then they didn’t leave me alone.

So, I didn’t watch it or read the books. At least for a while.

Because so many people had been bothering me to watch, I didn’t feel as though I was watching it on my terms anymore. It was everyone else's terms and expectations of how I would feel about it.

So I waited until the show was almost over, and then I read all the books and watched the show. And I did love it! But because I wanted to. Not because anyone else said I should.

Don’t let others set expectations for you or tell you how you’ll feel about something. A friend telling you about a show you should watch and a friend insisting you watch it are two different things. Know that it’s okay to not want to consume popular content if there’s too much pressure to do so. Just do things on your own time.