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Hot Takes: The Batman Overkill Needs to Stop

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Today’s hot take: Batman needs to be given a rest. I’ve expressed this feeling before when it was announced Robert Pattinson would be taking over the Batman moniker after Ben Affleck stopped. It was my feeling when it was speculated that Kristen Stewart (ironically) was tapped for a Batwoman movie. Or when I heard that the Joker would still have a Batman element. Or when I found out Ruby Rose was playing Batman on the CW. We need to give it a rest.

Don’t get me wrong here, I love Batman and the universe as much as the next person but it’s like beating a dead horse here. I just don’t think there’s anything new anyone can bring to the Batman story right now.

Joker ended up a great film because they stayed away from Bruce Wayne’s story enough and shed light on a different angle of the story that it did bring some fresh air to the world, but they’re now making a second one and there are rumors Bradley Cooper is going to be cast as Batman? Come on! We don’t need a second Joker. The movie was beautifully disturbing in its realistic origin story, but the more you get into the Batman stuff the less realistic and grounded in authenticity it will feel.

Just let things be good and then leave them alone.

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