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Hotel Hacks You Need To Know From A Viral TikToker

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How do you know how clean your hotel room really is? How safe should you be at a hotel? What about bed bugs?! Kat Kamalani has all the answers. The flight attendant and TikToker has taken it upon herself to enlighten the public with some great tips while staying at a hotel. 

First thing's first, some safety tips: 

  1. Never, EVER say your room number out loud in the lobby. You never know who might be listening.
  2. Make certain that now one is coming up behind you as you enter your hotel room.
  3. First thing you should do is check behind the curtains and in the bathroom! Safety first.
  4. Make sure you lock the your door and the top lock as well! Anyone with a master key card can access your room, unless the top lock is secured.

And now for the hacks:

  1. Take off all the decorative pillows and comforters. "They never wash those," she said in her TikTok video. 
  2. Check the corners of the bed for bed bugs. 
  3. NEVER put your suitcase on the bed. She points out that it's been on a plane and in the airport, so it's probably covered in filth. "It's been through the airport and it's disgusting!" she said. 
  4. No refrigerator in the room? No problem. Just put whatever it is in an ice bucket, and voila!

And there you go! Hotel life hacks from an avid traveler.