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How are women "respected" in India??

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 Recently, women have proved that they are capable of doing the work that was just half a century ago considered inappropriate for them. They have adapted themselves to the competitive professional life and are earning the same way men do but "Are they respected for it?".

Well the simple fact is, women in India are highly respected however this "respect" is highly conditional. Wear a sari or a kurta and you will get respect but if you wear shorts or skirts get ready to kiss a farewell to all your respect. No matter how much of the good personality you have or how much of social work you do everything comes to equilibrium when it comes to your dressing. Women are respected only if they pass the "so-called standards" of being a well-behaved person which includes sensitivity, submissive, emotional, and above all becoming a good mother and wife. This is how our society perceives a well-behaved woman. These conditions of being well-behaved have become so common and so arbitrary that women from all around India and the world have started following them blindly. But they are missing the fact that these conditions of becoming well behaved are enslaving women into a golden cage of so-called "respect". They are prevented from pursuing their careers after becoming mother, forced to wear clothes they are not comfortable in, forced to keep their anger and emotions at bay, and slut-shamed for talking about their sexual desires. In other words, setting standards for a respected woman is another tactic of our male-dominated society to keep the female society in control and continue the patriarchal system.

The worst part about this system is the fact that more than 90% of women are brainwashed to such a level that they start agreeing upon all these conditions and the rest 10% of women population who want to follow their "own" dreams and bring change in the world instead of devoting themselves to their families are tagged with names such as house wreckers, arrogant, pseudo feminists and sluts just to name a few.

And when little boys and girls grow up in such an environment they come to believe that women and men are radically different and the work they should do must also differ. At a very young age they are introduced to the sexual division of labor and the rest is learned by observing the society. When these kids grow up to become men and women, these women make sure to be submissive because that's how a respected woman looks like whereas men and elders make sure to keep an eye on women, analyzing that they don't cross their lines; lines which are never specified for men but they are for women. And when any woman crosses these lines she is molested, raped criticized, and shamed. Why?? "Because its a woman's fault of exposing skin that she was molested". Unfortunately the incidents of molestation have become so common in India that nowadays such cases are passed away with statements like "Men will be Men"! and even more unfortunate is the fact that such statements come from fellow (brainwashed) women.

The most we ever did to tackle rapes is by liting some candles on the streets. This is where we are getting wrong. If we truly want to make sure that women remain safe we must let them explore their strength. Instead of setting standards for them let them set standards for themselves; instead of protecting them let them protect themselves; Instead of forcing them to be submissive let them be confident and curious, not because they are women and are suppose to be respected but because they are Human beings and naturally deserve respect for who they are and not for what they wear.