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How can website page loading speed affect your ranking?

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Your website must be accessible quickly for visitors. Technology is constantly improving. You can improve your website and serve your visitors better by monitoring your bounce rate in Google Analytics or similar metric trackers. Your website page speed mustn't compromise the customer experience. Google aims for the speed of one blink. Page speed is a combination of the browser, device, and web hosting provider. Your success will depend on these factors. Only a professional and genuine website designing company in Delhi- can help you design such a website. 

Less bounce rate means massive conversion.

If your site loads in less than 5 seconds, it is faster than 25% of other websites. Does your website take 2.9 seconds to load? Congratulations! It is faster than 50% of other websites. Website loading less than 1.9 seconds is quicker compared to 75% of other websites. If your site loads in less than 0.8 seconds, it is faster than 94% of different websites. A website designing company in Delhi can design a faster loading website by considering several aspects: mobile-friendly design, easy, user-friendly interface, best SEO practices, no extra features, customer-oriented information, and much more. You pay attention to the needs of your visitors.

Website designing company in Delhi audits your website

Website loading speed is crucial for all businesses. A slow-loading page can have many adverse effects on a company's business. It can affect sales and reputation. Let us dive deeper to learn how page speed can influence your rankings.

⮚ It is essential to choose the right host for your business. Consider dedicated hosting or VPS.

⮚ Many themes have many customization options and significant effects. However, it can slow down your website and make it difficult to manage.

⮚ Large images and files can also slow down your site. It is better to use PNG format.

⮚ External media, such as videos from other websites, can slow down your site.

⮚ Browsers and plugins that are not optimized can affect page speed. It is worth testing your site across all browsers to see if it is speedy and how to improve it.

⮚ Widgets like social media buttons can slow down your site. Consider what you need and what you do not.

⮚ Too many ads can not only frustrate your visitors but also slow down your site. Please consult your website designing company in Delhi for further details.

⮚ HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that are not efficient or very dense can affect your page speed.

The only way you can get a faster loading website is by hiring the best digital marketing agency online. If you need any other information, get in touch now.

What does speed have to do with rankings?

This question can be answered simply by saying that page speed does indeed affect your search engine rankings. It is widely known that Google's algorithm considers loading time when ranking pages. This issue was first highlighted in 2010 when Google made it public that page speed is essential. Best digital marketing agency can also affect your SEO in indirect ways. It is something experts have been trying to teach businesses for many years. Improving your website's speed will increase conversion rates. Users will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load.

Search engines consider your bounce rate when ranking your website. What is the meaning of investing in digital marketing and social media campaigns if customers visit your website and press the exit button? It is something search engine algorithms consider seriously since that is their primary purpose. Simply put, the higher your engagement is and the lower your bounce rate, the better you rank in search engines. A professional website designing company in Delhi not only improves the user experience but also increase your website's loading speed. 70% of online buyers said that slow pages could discourage them from purchasing. Your site should be user-friendly and offer the best experience possible. Load time is a crucial factor.

Mobile vs. desktop rankings

The loading speed of your pages across different devices can also influence your rankings. Mobile is a growing area of concern for businesses, as so many people use their mobile devices to access the internet. So much so that 30% of mobile users will abandon purchasing from a site that is not mobile-friendly. A website designing company in Delhi has to adapt to the fact and consider mobile searches when ranking websites.

Some people might not access the desktop version of your website if they only use their mobile devices. Another thing to consider is whether your website has been optimized for mobile and how fast your pages load on mobile devices. It does not matter if your website looks great on a desktop. You might also think that you have done everything possible to improve page speed. Website loading speed has a significant impact on SEO.

Page Speed Insights: what is it?

Page Speed Insights is Google's primary tool to assess your loading times and help you improve your page speed. This free online tool can help you identify the issues that are slowing down your website's performance. Page Speed is a slightly different tool that allowed us to clarify what page speed was and how it was measured. This tool can give you a score of 100 by analyzing user experience and accessibility. Bonus points can be earned if your website is faster than the competition. Google considers this score when ranking pages and websites. However, this system is not foolproof.


For any online business to succeed, it is crucial that each page load quickly. It is directly linked to user conversion rates and loyalty. The page speed is the time taken for each webpage to load. It may vary from one page to the next. Speed can be affected by your website theme, code, browser, host, and plugins. Make sure you carefully consider your options and test your website in different browsers. Above all, hire the best website designing company in Delhi at affordable prices. Google's insight tools and algorithms show that page speed can affect your search engine rankings-

. Google considers both mobile and desktop devices when ranking websites. You have a variety of tools that you can use to boost page speed.