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How do I find my Iberia booking number?

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If, after booking an Iberia Airlines flight for your destination, you lost your booking number and you require your credentials for the seat selection procedure, then there are several ways through which you can get the desired information. You can use the information provided in the forthcoming section to find your booking number.

Different ways to discover Iberia flight booking number:

Via "manage booking": This method can be utilized by Iberia airlines customers to find the booking number of their reserved flights. To use Iberia manage booking service of the airline following straightforward steps must be followed sequentially:

  • You must visit the official website of Iberia.
  • Now select language and country from the drop-down menu list.
  • Now you must login into your account using your login information, and if you do not have an Iberia account, then you must sign up using your id and password.
  • Once you get into your account, You must navigate to your reservation sections.
  • From the list of your booking, select the option you are searching for.
  • Now once you get the desired information, you must save the code.

By reaching customer care services: You can also reach the Iberia customer care services to discover your booking number. For this, you must use the official phone number of the airline according to your place, and as the call gets associated with the corresponding representative, you must provide them with your traveling details like contact information and credit card used for making the payment to find your reservation code. Once the airline representative gets your flight details, you can also request him to send the flight details message to your registered number so that you can use the information to manage your booking.

Via email: After your flight reservations are confirmed, Iberia airlines send you a confirmation email to your linked email address that comprises all the relevant information, including the 6 digits booking number. If you are not able to locate your reference number by using “Iberia manage my booking” option, then you must carefully check your mailboxes to retrieve your itineraries. If you do not get the information in the primary mailbox folders, then you must carefully search for the message in the other folders, including spam and junk folders as well.

Check your receipt: If after making a flight reservation, you take out the print of your receipt, then you can also check the receipt copy to know the flight booking number. If You have made the reservations via a third party, then you can ask them for the booking reference number.