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How Do You Build Your Audience?

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Just like Seth Godin! He sells hundreds and thousands of his books! His readers mostly come from the community gathered around his brand – they were:

Subscribers to his newsletter,

Podcasts listeners,

Blog readers,

Fans of his public appearances, etc.

If you want to build an audience for your books, you can:

Diversify your content through distribution channels. Thanks to videos, podcasts, etc.

Build Your Brand on Linkedin.

The point is, not only should your book be visible, but you as an author should also be noticeable. 

There are many various ways to sell your book. This depends on if you are self-publishing, or looking to publish amidst a small traditional book publisher. 

So, if you choose to give this route a try (traditional publishing) then explore publishing outlets that don't demand you to acquire a literary agent. The reason for this is, they may be a little easier for you to get published than other traditional publishers who demand and require you to possess a literary agent. 

Nowadays, literary agents are losing their shirts, due to the self-publishing craze on the Internet with digital publishing. 

Nevertheless, never give up. You never know when your timing will be perfect.

Keep looking out for more information regarding these issues on the topic of publishing a book. I will do my best to provide you with helpful information.