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How Do You Think The World Would React If A Major Political Leader, like President Trump Died of Covid-19?

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Fortunately, as of now anyway, our President, Donald Trump does not have Covid-19. However, what if all of a sudden he did get the Coronavirus? Then what?

Well, it is not too complex to comprehend that if he was to ever fall ill or even parish, the vice president would next take over things. So, you do not ever have to fret regarding not having anyone in charge of the United States. Those who do not much fancy our current United States President would perhaps be in heaven. Conversely, on the other hand, some people would not relish the notion at all, especially if they despise our vice president. 

Nonetheless, this conversation came up a couple of days ago. So, I am wondering then, if perhaps you would feel any different, safer, more relaxed if this was to ever, come to pass?

Regardless, please do not hesitate to let us know in the discussion comments below. Until next time, stay safe, linger home, and stay alive.