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How handy is PSYCHOLOGY

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Psychology is one of the most underrated field. Practically psychology is everywhere, the food you eat to the party you vote for. On this occasion we bring you some elite content , such as myths about psychology. Its been a while since psychology is around yet many people confuse it with philosophy. Yeah it’s a descendant of it but they are completely different. Mostly people perceive psychology in the wrong way, they are afraid or hold many false beliefs about this subject. No wonder our generation is the most depressed among human kind. So anyways, no bashing around the bush and coming to the main topic, we hope this article breaks stigmas about psychology and brings you in confidence to visit a counselor whenever in need. Because trust us you should treat yourself as your friend. It’s gonna be legendary. From us A HAPPY WORLD PSYCHOLOGY DAY , it is celebrated on 25th of April. Personally, the inspiration for writing this is to clear basic myths and your doubts about psychology and psychologist as we are facing one of that every day ❤️ So the thing is being the upcoming psychologists we are writing this... Myth number- 1 We are not the mind readers STOP asking - batao mere dimag me abhi kya chal rha hai(tell me what's going in my mind). We cannot read your mind, we can just predict what are you up to with your behavior analysis... Whether stressed or happy or maybe you have proper mental health or not. We read your behavior which is linked with the brain but it's not related to reading a mind. Myth number- 2 We are not ASTROLOGER's GUYS... we DON'T predict FUTURE by your name or by analyzing your hand. It’s a mythical concept people have for psychologists, that they predict future (unfortunately not). As it’s a needful quality of a psychologist to prove him/herself capable of solving the problem client is facing (comes under ethics). society lands upon thinking that if they can resolve the problems in the current situation they must be having some knowledge about prediction (obviously this is how psychology works; we predict, but what do we predict? Psychologists predict behavior and then shows you a different path or apply some of the therapies based on the respective condition, it's all because of the prediction of behavior, not the future. Myth number 3 Psychopaths/sociopaths are cool Psychopaths/sociopaths aren't cool, they don't remorse. They don't have a normal childhood, all they do is kill people and also do some horrifying acts of inhumanity to their victims. Stop calling yourself one of them. They have zero guilt ability and null empathetic skills. Myth 4 Mental health is made to ignore Mental health is as important as your physical health. It’s easy to think of mental health as separate from physical health but your brain is part of your body. Mental illness is the root cause of many physical symptoms. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to visit a psychologist mental illness can run in families, be as simple and easy to talk about it and give information os whatever a psychologist asks as easily you talk to a doctor about heart disease, cancer, and other conditions. Myth 5 Psychology isn't reliable Psychology is used by almost everyone around the globe. From your marketing to elections. Everywhere. It's science, what else is more reliable than science. Psychology could be a comparatively young science within the grand scheme of sciences, but it's indeed a true science. However, it is vital to notice that scientific psychology does have some limitations. Human behavior can vary and alter over time, so what's true in one particular time and place won't necessarily apply in several situations, settings, cultures, or society. I will come up with more such topics, till then stay safe, take care, and share as much as you can. You can also suggest some topics you want me to write on. love from me to you -Gamini