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How long does it take for Delta to respond to email?

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Cognizant about the duration for Delta to respond to email

Delta Airlines group is responsible for the reservation service that you seek online and get regular updates. It usually connects you with a live person who always remains active to help you with his positive response using live chat, phone calls, and email services. Likewise, if you are using an email service and are willing to get excellent ideas for the duration to get a response, you need to check the details and respond to email if you wish to ask more.

How long does it take for Delta to respond to email?

When you check the logical process of the booking and want to ask for the check-in online using an email service, it may take 2 to 24 hours before flight departure. Get some details below for more information regarding email service timing to respond to you.

· Delta Airlines usually responds to the passenger’s queries within the next 48 hours once it is shared with the live representative.

· When you send your queries regarding flight change and cancellation using an email service, you can get a response within one hour and get smooth service.

· If you wish to ask for the seat selection or want to reschedule your flight with a new date and time, you can check your email within half hour.

· If you don’t get any response within one to four hours, you can request a phone call or wait for another 24 hours and get the answer accordingly.

· You can use an email service like a live chat after sharing your phone number and receive a call back to get advice and help.

If you wish to know more about email service and its benefits, contact the best customer representative to assist you at any time.