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How much does Norton charge for renewal?

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How much does Norton charge for renewal?

Once your plan with Norton has expired, then you only need to make the payment of $120 to get it renewed. However, for every project, the cost is different. You can renew the plan on the official website, or you can restore it by calling on their official number.

Steps to renew the Norton Antivirus:

The two methods of renewing the services are given below. You only need to stick to the convenient option for yourself.

  • Via the official website.

  1. Get on the website of Norton.
  2. Now log in to Norton's account.
  3. Select the main menu.
  4. Choose the option of "Renew and activate."

That is it. Once you have renewed the service, you'll get a confirmation email regarding your changes.

  • Via call

  1. Phone up the official number Norton.
  2. Choose the option of "Renew services."
  3. Your call will be transferred to the representative.
  4. The representative is going to offer different plans to you.
  5. Now you need to choose the project to which you want to switch.

Once you have made the selection of the right strategy, then you'll receive a confirmation email.

So, if you had a thought about How much does Norton charge for renewal? Then walk through the detailed information which is provided above for you.