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How to add subdomain in Blogger

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We all know about Blogger. Its a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. The blogs are hosted by Google and generally accessed from a subdomain of Wherever You make any blog on blogspot a free domain was served to you like if your website name is example then blogger will make a website with totally free for you.


Get Detailed article with live demo here

Ok , All right Now you created the blog and added custom domain to it. Like Now is Now Lets Suppose your blog is about multi niche or now you wanna work on another niche website but don't have enough money to buy a new domain. What will you do ? Question Arise like Can I make subdomain of my blogger website? How Can I ? It will impact my main website ? How adsense will be work on it ?

Don't Worry Peoples.. Today I am here with solution of your problem Yes you can setup a subdomain for your blogger website.

Let me Show you How...

We will go step wise you just need to follow me. I assumed that you own a blog on blogger and that already setup to any TLD(Top Level Domain) like .com , .in , .net etc.


You have a blogger Website with custom domain like

You want to make a subdomain

Step 1 : You have to create a new blog on blogspot don't worry you can use your same gmail account that you using now for your website. Go to blogger dashboard. Click on Top Corner Left Side and click on New Blog.

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Step 2: Now make a new blog as you previously made. Follow all the process. When Blog Set up Go to Settings => Publishing => Custom domain.

How to Add subdomain in Blogger </br>

Step 3 : Now Here type what name of your subdomain like I want to make subdomain of with name of . So Just tye your

Key Point : Don't add www as before

Now go to Your Domain Service website Like mine is godadday I go to Godaddy Login to my account then go to DNS setting of the domain. Now make a new CNAME record. In Host type your Subdomain Name and In Points to you must have to add Then Save it.

How to Add subdomain in Blogger

All done Just go back to Previous tab and ad subdomain their and click on submit. Subdomain will be added to your blog without any error.

Key Point : Don't enable Redirect domain in Step 2 if you enable it your main domain will be redirect to your subdoamain.

Hope Everything Clear now.. Yipeeeee.... You made a new blog with your old domain and all Set. Cheers 😇 If you really liked it please comment and If you having any error just lemme know I will surely help you with that. Till then Stay happy Keep Learning 💖