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How to become more productive?

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If you are a person who is in the mood of improving themselves and make a lifestyle that worth living to the fullest, in that case laziness and procastination plays the role of being the barrier.

The main reson why we fail to do things is that we find it difficult to do or we just feel that we can do it later.

So here I have come up with some beautiful baby steps that is going to make your day productive and leave the lazy mind behind.

Without further wasting time, let's get into it.

1. Plan the day the night before

= Just make a to do list of what are the things

that you want to get completed on the next day.

2. Start with three main tasks to do = You will notice that the larger the load of work, the most we feel exhausted. So try to select only 3 or 4 main tasks for the day so that whenever you complete all of them you feel motivated for the next day. 😇🌱 3. Drink water first 💧💦 = Make a habit of drinking water first in the morning as soon as you wake up by simply placing the water bottle by your best side the previous 🌃 night. 4. Take a quick shower🚿🚿 = This a pro tip that's going to start your day with a boost. After having a shower you feel the Freshness🍃💦 and the tendency of being happy and motivated to do work for the day. 💪💪 5. Start by picking the most important task = Finish the most IMPORTANT task first and then the other. This way you will feel completed. 6. ⛹Exercise = During the day whenever you feel demotivated or lazy pick your clothes and do some stretching or exercise. This way your health as well as your mood also improves. 7. Gratitude 🙏 = Pick a journal or page or copy and list 10 things of the day or your life that you are grateful for. Feel the things and write them,you will notice that it's making you happy from the inside. ☺☺ 8. Habit tracker = Take a journal and mention five things that you want to do on a daily basis. Make sure that you perform the habits at least once a day five days a week. This will make you feel proud of yourself at the end of every week and make you productive each day 🎋🌾💐🌼🌼 9. Tomorrow's to do list = Don't forget to write down tomorrow's to do list with 3-4 main tasks🐻🐰🐹 10. Pray = At the end of the day thank The Almighty for giving you TODAY and for helping you through the day for making the best of yourself. Hope you liked the ideas. Try to implement them on your daily life I am sure it's going to create a hugee impact on your life by improving it for your greater good.