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How to Fix When You Can’t Share Post to Instagram Story?

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Sharing posts and stories on Instagram is the most done task by the users and if someday the users are not able to post their posts on their stories it would be annoying right?

Well, do not worry today in this blog we are going to talk about why can’t I share my Instagram story and how you fix this problem and continue sharing your posts to your stories.

There are basically three main reasons why a person is not able to share posts on Instagram story, they are –

1. If your account type is private then you will not be able to share posts on the story as the feature of adding posts to the story is only available for public accounts on Instagram because of which you can’t post to the Instagram story.

2. If you have turned off the option of sharing posts because of which you are not able to share posts on your account.

3. There might be some glitches with Instagram because of which you are facing this issue and when this is the case then you need to find some solutions for the same.

Ways to Fix Instagram Not Allowing to Share Posts on Stories Issue–

1. The first way to fix this problem is to reset the re-sharing toggle and you can do this in the following steps –

* You need to open the app and then click on your profile and once there move to the next step.

* Move to story and then settings and then the story and then allow the sharing to story so that it allows you to share post stories.

2. If fixed why can’t I share posts on Instagram you need to make your private account a public account then only you can share posts to stories.

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