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How to Fix wmiprvse.exe High CPU Usage on Windows 7

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Wmi Host Provider is used by application and software to request info about the system and data on it. It also allows the users to extract data about the system and certain applications. However, if you detect WMI Host Provider using so much CPU in your windows 7 operating system, there might be some applications trying to request info about your system.

Here are some solutions to fix WMI using so much CPU in windows 7. Continue reading to know about it.

Fix WMI Host Provider High CPU usage on Windows 7

Solution 1. Run a Virus Scan on your system

If you have detected wmiprvse.exe high CPU Windows 7, there might be some infectious files or software installation that are causing issues. Run a virus scan to find the culprit.

Solution 2. Restart WMI Host Provider

Locate services.msc by pressing windows + R keys together that will open the RUN dialogue box. Go to the WMI (Windows Management Instrument) and click on the restart option.

Solution 3. Uninstall the problematic newly installed applications

If you are still witnessing high CPU usage by WMI Host Provider Windows 7, check the newly updated or installed applications as well as software to ensure the safety of your computer. If the WMI issues began after it, delete them and install again. 

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