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How To Get A Job Through Indeed. 6 Proven And Effective Ways

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The competitive climate of the contemporary working world has been worsened divinely by the COVID-19 pandemic. There are much fewer jobs in the market than there were last year, work-from-home has slowed down productivity, and there is not enough investor money to bolster struggling business. Amid this environment, landing a job through platforms like Indeed seems a distant prospect. But it is actually not as farfetched as you might assume it to be. In fact, I’ve scored a job a multinational company during the peak of the COVID pandemic although I was only as qualified as an average job seeker. Here are a few tips to help you bag the opportunity you’ve been yearning for.

1. Consistency is key: Regularly apply to relevant jobs. Don’t narrow down your options to selected companies. There are several reputable firms for every field around the world and you do not know what the best workplace for you is. The number of applications is directly proportional to the number of applications.

2. Use cover letters: From personal experience, I can establish that cover letters boost your chance of getting hired by a whopping 50%.

3. Enable Indeed alerts: There is an influx of job ads being posted on indeed, so it’s easy to miss the right opportunity. Indeed alerts alarm you after a bunch of new jobs have been posted. This ensures that your CVs are sent out timely.

4. Contact employers: Indeed ads often carry employer contact data, either contact them directly or use the indeed messages feature to convince employers that you are enthusiastic about working with them.

5. Apply to jobs even if you do not qualify through all its requirements: Employers tend to exaggerate prerequisites in the hiring process. If a job is relevant to your plate of skills, apply to it. Applications can never hurt.

6. Work on your resume: Your resume is the most immediate and significant reflection of your capabilities. Study through Indeed resources and apply consistently spruce up your resume.